Omrub Organic Muscle Rub 60gm

Omrub is formulated specifically to assist the body's natural healing processes, with 100% active natural, organic ingredients in a professional strength all natural muscle balm.

Omrub organic muscle rub can be used for:

Arthritic conditions ✤ Muscle + Joint Pain ✤ Inflammation✤ Sports injuries ✤ Tired muscles ✤ Poor circulation ✤ Bruising ✤ Sprains + Strains ✤ Neuralgia ✤ Tension headaches ✤ As a cooling muscle rub to help prevent injury due to muscle tension and inflammation.

  • BioGro Certified Organic Muscle Rub
  • 100% Active Ingredients
  • Professional Strength
  • Tested on Athletes as a Sports Rub
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Provides a 'deep heat' type warming/cooling sensation
  • Used by many for arthritis joint pain
  • Recyclable tin
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 60 gm 
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i love it!

I love using Omrub

Kim H.
New Zealand
Works like Magic

My husband and I have been using Omrub for the last few years to get instant relief from aches and pains. We are both quite active so find this rub suits us instead of using medication. Many thanks for this excellent product.

Debra G.
New Zealand New Zealand
What a rub!

It was great. I have had arthritis in my fingers wrists and hands. I rub omrub on affected areas each night and all pain and discomfort disappears.

Paul C.
New Zealand New Zealand
the best

Will keep purchasing - love the smell of it and it works wonders!!

Lisa W.
New Zealand New Zealand
Love this product

I am a massage therapist and love using this product with my clients. Athletes, patients with chronic pain and myself. It’s a great product.

Nicole S.
New Zealand New Zealand
Effective product

Very good. Effective for sore muscles after sport. Doesn't smell bad. Will purchase more.

Juliana Y.
New Zealand New Zealand
Love this

Omrub has been my saving grace when it comes to pain. It works instantly. Everyone needs an omrub in their life. I can’t say what an amazing product this is.

Abbie A.
New Zealand New Zealand
Omrub helped my body recover for Coast to Coast

The Southern Alps are tough on the body, but Omrub - Organic Muscle Rub helped my body recover for Coast to Coast

Sam C.
New Zealand New Zealand
It's the best muscle rub out there

When I start to get muscle soreness or tightness during a hard training week, using Omrub gets me through and means I can continue to train at a high level required to play international hockey. I love that it's organic and feel confident that Omrub works and is good for my body.

Nick H.
New Zealand New Zealand
Thank you Omrub, absolutely life changing!

From the very first time I tried Omrub I knew it was a product I would be using and recommending for the rest of my life! A huge majority of our Suna Pilates clients use and benefit from Omrub. It is a staple in my first aid kit - I'm just so grateful that there is such a high quality organic product that feels and smells so good that works!

Susie a.
New Zealand New Zealand
AMAZING PRODUCT! I sincerely say it works wonders.

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for this wonderful product. I am a regular hiker and used to get sore knees coming down mountains. Since I started using Omrub, my knees are strong as ever climbing or even coming down treacherous steps. I came down Taranaki, no pain at all. Climbed around Mt Cook and I was walking normal at the end again. So now I always carry a small pack on every mountain hike. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Uma G.
New Zealand New Zealand
Omrub is my absolute product of choice for a fast recovery after a long race

Ultra trail running is hard at the best of times and I love that Omrub leaves me with a cooling sensation, making me feel refreshed, revived and ready to go!

Leish A.
New Zealand New Zealand
So good on aching joint pain

Use this on my thumbs which regularly give me pain, one application really helps and lasts all day.

New Zealand New Zealand