Are you living with arthritis or long term pain?

Are you living with arthritis or long term pain?

Omrub was developed as a sports muscle rub, but very quickly we had people write to us saying that they had sent it to their Dad and his arthritis pain was greatly reduced, or that their mum had found it a great help for her dodgy knee.

Pain from injury rehabilitation, or arthritis, or degraded joints varies from person to person - but these sort of conditions all create a situation where long term pain becomes a grinding load to bear, sometimes year after year. Finding something natural that can be easily applied to the problem areas is an incredible relief, not just from the pain, but from the low level ongoing exhaustion that living with pain brings.

Why does Omrub help so many people with arthritis or injury pain?

Our muscle balm is designed with only organic, natural ingredients that combat pain by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. These effects improve the body's healing and repair processes and allow them to take place faster. Reducing pain is also shown to increase the body's repair processes so the pain-soothing effect of Omrub aids the healing processes too.

Of course everyone is different and there is no magic cure that works for every body's different injury or arthritis pain, but for the price of a small tin, we think Omrub is well worth trialling.

Customers love Omrub for arthritis and ongoing pain relief

Here are just a few of the beautiful responses and messages we have received from people living with arthritis or long term pain.

"Was really good, I have arthritis in both knees, and it definitely helped, thank you."
- Tony P
"This was recommended to me by one of my patients. So, I purchased it for my mother who has arthritis in both knees. She absolutely loves it! She applies it once in the morning and before she goes to bed. It also smells amazing! A small amount goes a long way."
- Shannon N
"It is one of the best creams I have ever used. This is so good and helps me get some sleep at night. Have very knotted leg muscles and sore shoulder. Definitely helping the muscles around my hip that is about to be replaced." 
- Cheryl G
"I have tennis elbow and the pain sometimes travels down my arm. Unsure if this would work I purchased a small container. It works brilliantly rub it in before bed next day no pain. Smells nice too."
- Dave W
"Been using this Ointment on my knee, on my Wife's back, also on her shoulder. It has worked wonders for both of us, we now have good night sleeps!"
- Hoani O. 
"Awesome. Excellent for sore joints or muscle pain. Also sent more overseas to my mother to help with joint pain."
- Sari G.
"A quick rub with Omrub on my aching knee joints and stiff lower back gets me through 18 holes with little or no discomfort. I find I don’t need to reapply it either. I really love how using it does away with need to take pain-killers before sporting activity. That’s an enormous relief, and it works quickly."
- Brendan Telfer.
"One of, or if not the best product on the market for joint pain relief. Within minutes of applying to my knee I felt improvement. I recommend for anyone to try Omrub, I'm positive they will not regret their purchase. As a bonus you also get great service and fast delivery."
- Craig Gosnell
"I bruised my arm so badly I had x-rays to ensure it wasn't fractured. With the intense pain I thought that Omrub might help a little... Literally the next morning, after a single application, my pain was gone. Honestly cannot believe how good this product is for pain relief!"
- Irena
"Omrub is great. I have pain in my wrist that radiates up into my hand. Thank you for your product."
- Elizabeth


If you are curious whether Omrub is right for you, feel free to reach out and ask, we're happy to help!