Testimonials for Omrub

Brendan Telfer - Radio Live Sports Commentator

"A quick rub with Omrub on my aching knee joints and stiff lower back gets me through 18 holes with little or no discomfort. I find I don’t need to reapply it either. I really love how using it does away with need to take pain-killers before sporting activity. That’s an enormous relief, and it works quickly."

Nick Haig - NZ Black Sticks Captain

"I have been using Omrub for a little while now and it's the best muscle rub out there. When I start to get muscle soreness or tightness during a hard training week, using Omrub gets me through and means I can continue to train at a high level required to play international hockey. I love that it's organic and feel confident that Omrub works and is good for my body."

Francesco Hazelwood, 2 x NZ Wakeboard Champion

"As competitive wakeboarders we are always pushing our bodies to the extreme, so our muscles really welcome the amazing natural healing properties found in Omrub. Omrub is always my first go to when I’m sore after a tough session at the gym or on the water.


DJ Forbes - Former NZ Sevens Player/Captain, Crossfitter, Athlete

"For the last few months I’ve been using Omrub as part of my warm up routine before exercise to help with pain relief in my joints and sore muscles. More recently I’ve started using it as recovery post training to give my body the best chance of doing it all again the next day. It’s a bonus knowing it’s a NZ brand all made with natural ingredients. Thanks team!" 


Susie Turner - Director & Master Trainer, Suna Pilates

"From the very first time I tried Omrub I knew it was a product I would be using and recommending for the rest of my life! A huge majority of our Suna Pilates clients use and benefit from Omrub. It is a staple in my first aid kit - I'm just so grateful that there is such a high quality organic product that feels and smells so good that works! Thank you Omrub, absolutely life changing!"

Dr Nigel Peek - Chiropractor Peek Practice

"From a professional point of view, it’s important that the product I use provides therapeutic relief and is chemical-free. Omrub is my muscle rub of choice and is the product I recommend to my clients."

Fiona Dowling - Physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher, Endurance Athlete

"Massage is a key part of my recovery strategy. When in high training load for Coast to Coast, it is not always practical to visit a Massage Therapist as often as my muscles need and so self-massage is something that I try to incorporate a few days a week. This allows me to accelerate my recovery in-between hard training days. The benefit of using Omrub continued post-race. I found huge relief from simply applying the rub to sore and tender areas. Applying it to my lower back, really helped soothe and heal the aches and pains following a full day of arduous racing."

Leish Anderson - Ultra Marathon Runner

"Ultra trail running is hard at the best of times and Omrub is my absolute product of choice for a fast recovery after a long race. I love that Omrub leaves me with a cooling sensation, making me feel refreshed, revived and ready to go!"

Tracy Barr, Triathelete

"I train for 10-12 hours a week for triathlon and sit all day at the office. I use Omrub to keep all the tired muscles working."