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Can i get Omrub on Subscription?

Yes! We have a new subscription system, starting May 1st 2023. Take a look at the Subscription FAQs for more info

Is Omrub 100% natural and 100% organic?

Yes. Omrub organic muscle balm is Certified by BioGro NZ.

Every ingredient is a natural active that works hard for you. No fillers, no synthetics.

When should I apply Omrub to an injury, bruise or ache?

Whenever you need relief from pain. Ensure it is well rubbed in to stimulate the anti-inflammatory action.

When should I apply Omrub when exercising?

Most athletes apply Omrub after their workout to limit inflammation and facilitate muscle recovery.

However it can be applied before exercise too. Find out more in the blog.

What areas should I avoid applying Omrub to?

Do not apply to broken skin, or very delicate areas of skin. Avoid getting any Omrub near lips or eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after application to avoid accidentally touching these areas.

Can Omrub help arthritis pain?

Although Omrub was created as a sports rub, many people have found that it eases the pain of arthritis.

As you will know, arthritis relief varies from person to person, and what works for one may not bring benefit for another. We recommend buying a smaller tin to find out if Omrub can soothe your arthritis.

How does inflammation affect training & recovery?

Inflammation comes into play during the repair process when the body increases blood flow to the affected area to replenish oxygen, fuel muscles, and clear out waste. During this period of increased inflammation, the immune system cleans up harmful waste products and cellular debris, then signals for the body to begin the repair process and fix the damage caused. Read the full article.

What are the ingredients in Omrub?

All ingredients in our organic muscle rub are 100% active (no fillers), and sourced from ethical growers and suppliers who support sustainability. Omrub natural muscle and joint rub is made from certified organic waxes, plant oils, proven therapeutic extracts and premium quality essential oils. We choose not to use any commonly-used synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Methyl Salicylate, which causes an intense heating-cooling on the skin, and can prove highly toxic with repeated use.

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