Our mission is to help you heal naturally, be pain free & move like you were born to.

A top Clinical Muscle Therapist and Organic Formulator created Omrub in 2016 to bring you a professional-strength certified organic muscle rub that supports your body's natural healing processes, respects our environment, and works!

In 2022 Omrub was bought by new owner, Angela, who is totally committed to the quality and purity of Omrub. Her vision is to make Omrub the recognised product of choice for anti-inflammatory pain relief. 

Angela knows about living with pain, and has gone from ongoing use of pain relief tablets and osteopath treatments, to only using Omrub. Her son is a professional sportsman and has also had great results from using Omrub to manage his body's mobility and sports recovery. Angela was blown away by the many different stories of how Omrub has helped other professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and Kiwis living with pain and injury, and wants to bring the effectiveness of Omrub natural muscle balm to many more people.

A powerful natural muscle rub

Omrub is a potent, certified organic anti-inflammatory rub made from 100% active botanicals - no fillers, no mineral oils, no harmful chemicals.

All ingredients in our muscle rub are sourced from sustainable, organic growers. Omrub is cruelty free, and all packaging is reusable or recyclable.

Sports support & pain relief

Our organic muscle balm has helped thousands of Kiwis ease their muscle aches and aid their healing for both sports and everyday life. Thousands more have used Omrub as a natural joint rub for pain from arthritis, old injuries, and ongoing joint aches.

Certified 100% Organic

We are Certified Organic by BioGro NZ, and were a 2018 Westpac Best Emerging Business Finalist.

After many years of exploring client's remedial needs, our creator's knowledge of health-giving plants were employed to create a powerful therapeutic anti-inflammatory muscle balm specifically designed to effectively target muscle and joint pain, naturally.

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