Omrub has active, organic & 100% natural ingredients

A powerful natural muscle rub

Omrub is a potent, certified organic anti-inflammatory rub made from 100% active botanicals - no fillers, no synthetics, no harmful chemicals.

All ingredients in our muscle rub are sourced from sustainable, organic growers. Omrub is cruelty free, and packaging is reusable or recyclable.

Omrub for Sports support & pain relief

Sports support & pain relief

Our organic muscle balm has helped thousands of Kiwis ease their muscle aches and aid their healing for both sports and everyday life. Thousands more have used Omrub as a natural joint rub for pain from arthritis, old injuries, and ongoing joint aches.

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Certified 100% Organic

All our ingredients are certified organic by Biogro.  Biogro was established 40 years ago and  is N.Z’s oldest organic certification body. 

To be certified as being genuinely organic, both the ingredient and the processes used to bring it to market must pass rigorous standards.  This makes it extremely challenging to find ingredients and producers and all adds to the uniqueness and efficacy of Omrub.

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