Should muscle rubs be used before your workout?

Should muscle rubs be used before your workout?

We all know that applying an effective muscle rub is a great post workout routine. A professional strength muscle rub will penetrate to warm your muscles and increase circulation, fast tracking muscle recovery and repair. 

But what about prepping your muscles for work with a pre-exercise application of muscle balm?

Do it! Omrub Organic Muscle Rub can be used before your exercise.

An effective muscle rub can support healthy joints and muscles by increasing circulation during your workout. Omrub is ideal to apply before yoga, hiking, weight lifting and so on. In fact, because Omrub doesn’t contain Methyl Salicylate, it is far safer for providing muscle and joint support during exercise than most mainstream brands.

The reason people are wary of using muscle rub pre-workout is that it can be used to mask injury pain or damage.

If you have any mild pre-existing conditions and are exercising safely with their rehabilitation in mind, you can use Omrub muscle rub; but your workout should be rehab-focused and aim to strengthen and support repair of your injury, and avoid any strain on that area altogether. Be aware that you need to exercise as if you still feel the full pain level of your injury or achy joints and do not exceed what is good for your body.

Do not use a muscle rub to mask significant chronic pain or injury so that you can workout. It’s all about rest, rest, rest, and allowing your injuries to heal thoroughly. Regular use of Omrub balm are perfect to support this process, as this will increase blood flow and reducing inflammation in a natural way.

Strapping and Muscle Rubs

If you are strapping injured areas during healing, Omrub is a good support balm to apply for general injury support while you rest.

If you are strapping any areas before exercise, Omrub is fine to apply under your strapping as long as your workout won't be overly long (like a marathon) or create a lot of sweatyness under the strapping. If you do notice a build up of heat under the strapping, remove the strapping and wipe off the Omrub residue. Listen to your body.

Understanding how Muscle Rubs work

The main active ingredient of most mainstream muscle rubs is either synthetic methyl salicylate or trolamine salicylate, which can be toxic with prolonged use. Methyl salicylates in muscle rubs are chemicals that mimic wintergreen or birch bark.

Many commercial muscle rubs use menthol or camphor to numb pain by creating warming and cooling sensations on the skin which distract the brain. 

For actual muscle support, you need a muscle rub that penetrates the muscle to facilitate deeper warming and increased circulation. Omrub uses capsicum oleresin to create clinically proven muscle warming.

Tips for pre-workout application of Muscle Rub

  1. Never use a muscle rub to 'rub the pain out' so you can use an injured area. 
  2. Its ok to use muscle rub to 'prep' a stiff or difficult joint as long as there is no injury - but look for ways to improve the condition long term, through better posture, professional rehabilitation, more regular use, or lighter use.
  3. Only apply your muscle rub where you need it. You don't want excess slipperiness while working out.
  4. If you do have an injury, only use your Omrub to support rehab or as a massage balm - rest your body to aid repair.