How inflammation affects your training & recovery

How inflammation affects your training & recovery

Information taken from original article by By Jimmy Kennedy, Senior Scientist at Inside Tracker.

Feelings of exhaustion and muscle soreness aren’t simply signs of a good workout; they’re your body’s way of telling you that it’s in recovery mode. It’s repairing itself from strenuous activity and the inflammation that’s been caused...

Workouts and exercise can cause muscle fibers to tear and subsequently muscle cells to break apart. When we workout, we damage our muscles. Then, our bodies repair them, and becomes stronger.

Inflammation comes into play during the repair process when the body increases blood flow to the affected area to replenish oxygen, fuel muscles, and clear out waste. During this period of increased inflammation, the immune system scours the area to clean up harmful waste products and cellular debris, then signals for the body to begin the repair process and fix the damage caused.  

The immune system and your body’s inflammatory response are vital pieces in your recovery, but if they aren’t kept on a leash, they can wreak havoc and cause severe problems.

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