Not just for athletes - Omrub is so versatile!

Not just for athletes - Omrub is so versatile!

Our Organic Muscle Rub is used by Coast to Coast competitors, triathletes and serious runners. In fact when we first created it, we tested it on athletes at a leading Sports Institute to make sure it delivered real relief for bodies that worked extremely hard. 

But Omrub isn't just useful for top athletes. 

We get feedback from weekend rugby players, horse riders, grandads and people from all walks of life who use our organic muscle rub to ease everything from arthritis to wrenched thumbs.

One of our runners sent Omrub to her elderly grandfather in Nelson, who suffers from bad arthritis in his hands – he loved it so much they regularly bought him 3 packs. He was really pleased to find a product that actually gives relief from arthritis pain.

Weekend rugby player Bryan wrote to us to say - “Over the years I have used many liniments and sport rubs, but since a friend recommended Omrub I haven't looked back. It really helps sore and aching muscles, and repair and recovery."

An equestrian had an exciting ride on a young horse, who threw in a few bucks for good measure, twisting her hand. She wrote to use to say that Omrub soothed the resulting joint ache in her hand with just three applications. 

A hiker suffering from sore knees was delighted with our "wonderful product" writing to say "Since I started using Omrub, my knees are strong as ever climbing or even coming down treacherous steps."

Do 'desk jockeys' qualify as sportspeople? Maybe not, but they sure can get sore! Organic muscle rub applied to tense aching shoulders can do wonders after a long day at the office typing away on the computer.

Organic muscle rub is also useful for providing relief from tension headaches and neuralgia (nerve pain) - as well as every day bruises, sprains and strains!

How does Organic Muscle Rub ease inflammation & swelling?

With each application, the deep penetrating stimulatory effect of Omrub targets inflammation and swelling by increasing localised blood flow. 

How does Organic Muscle Rub ease aches & pain?

Omrub’s potent combination of certified organic ingredients is designed to naturally over-ride pain receptors with a simultaneous cooling/heating effect (similar to deep heat style creams), without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. 

 It's great for injury or surgery rehab too.

We made our organic muscle rub professional strength and clean, with no nasties or fillers. Many massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists use Omrub to help treat their clients during rehabilitation of everything from sore backs, to knee injuries, and surgery rehab. 

If you'd like to know if our organic muscle rub is likely to help you, feel free to drop us a line at


Thanks to Todd Quackenbush for the use of the featured image. Always consult your doctor if pain persists.